Fat Bike Demo Fleet

Have you been wishing that you could take one of those awesome fat bikes out on your regular trails to see what they're all about? Feel like you're missing the chance to see just how much fun 5" wide tires can be? Our Farley fleet spans the size ranges 15.5" through 19.5.

J & R Cycle is happy to swap your own pedals over to your demo bike if you'd prefer to use them. Simply bring your bicycle on by and we'll change them over. If you've yet to take a fattie for a rip, what are you waiting for?

The rate is $50 a day, The rental fee can be converted into a "down payment" on your fat bike purchase. Must purchase bike within 30 days of rental. Give us a call or stop in to arrange your demo today!  

Trek Farley 5 Demo Bike

Trek Farley 5

26 inch

We will be offering 15 and 17" frame sizes.

Trek Farley 7 Demo Bike

Trek Farley 7

26 Inch

We will be offering in a 19" frame size only.

Trek Farley 9 Demo Bike

Trek Farley 9


We will be offering in a 19" frame size only.

Trek Stache 5 Demo Bike

Trek Stache 5

29+, 29, 27.5"

We will be offering in a 18.5" frame size only.